Statement of Faith

What we believe

  1. God- Our Father and the Creator of heaven and earth.
  2. Jesus Christ - Our Lord and the One sent by God to die for our sins.
  3. Holy Spirit - Our Comforter who lives in us and works through us.
  4. Trinity of the Godhead - The Triune Deity called God. Three different beings all united as God.
  5. The Holy Bible - God's final authority on all
  6. Salvation - Obtained through repentance and renunciation of sins which is a necessary condition for eternal bliss.
  7. Holy Spirit Baptism - The enduement of God's power from on high when the believer receives God's spirit in a greater measure.
  8. Sanctification and Holiness - A life of total separation to God and godliness here on earth.
  9. Gifts of the Spirit - Divinely imparted supernatural gifts on believers for the work of the ministry.
  10. Evangelism - The propagation of the gospel (good news of God's redemption programme) to a lost world. This is every believer's duty.
  11. Marriage - The spiritual and legal union of one man and one woman for the purpose of companionship, partnership and procreation.
  12. Water Baptism - The public identification of a saved soul with Jesus by submitting for immersion in water.
  13. Holy Communion - Also called the Lord' supper was instituted by Jesus Christ and is to be observed by the Church till He comes. It is a covenant route for healing, deliverance and breakthrough. It involves the "breaking of bread" and "drinking of the cup".
  14. Divine Healing - God's remedial programme for sick bodies and souls.
  15. Heaven - God's own abode and the believer's dream country.
  16. Hell - The abode of devils and the eternal inferno which lies at the end of a life spent in sin and ungodliness.
  17. Resurrection of the dead - This is the waking up of those that have died. Some shall wake up to life and some to eternal damnation.
  18. The Second coming of Christ - This is the second appearing of our Lord Jesus in His glory to judge the world and establish His kingdom on earth.