Our Mission

All about the assignment



At LICC, men are helped to discover their place in God. Thus, their hidden potentials and the treasures that their Maker has packaged into them naturally surfaces. Discovery is the first step in a transformation programme. Clear-cut and pointed words are released that help bring your configuration to the lime-light.




Not much can be accomplished in life without inspiration. Inspiration is what makes men move. At LICC, men are easily inspired whenever they come around.They are inspired to godly living and responsible living. They are motivated to accomplish what they know God wants them to be doing.




It is not possible to be a part of LICC and not be built up. The word of God is taught in a manner that makes it very relevant to the situations of men. With years of experience in the ministry, our pastors, in conjunction with the Holy Spirit simply make the Bible come alive. Anyone who intends to go far in life needs to eat solid meal. At LICC, this is exactly what God helps us to do. From New Believers' class to Discipleship class, God's children learn a lot about who they are in Christ and the blessings they have in Jesus. Our Leadership classes build the leader in you. Whether it is our Sunday Impact service or the Mid-week service, it is impossible to remain the same after being a member of LICC.




After you have been built, you sure need to be equipped. God’s power moves freely among us to give an empowerment that equips us. Materials, books, videos and other rich resources are made available, guaranteeing that your dream becomes a reality. We believe in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and we are also a reading people. At LICC, everyone makes things happen!




LICC members are sent out into the world to fulfil their callings. Jesus Christ our Lord says 'Go' and we join Him to say, 'Go'. The grace that keeps men going is here. From our different branches, men move all over the world making impact.